My parents named me Mercedes Kiss...

For real.




Happiness Enthusiast

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My Philosophy

I think kindness, beauty, strength, and HELL YES HAPPINESS lives within each of us.  We are empowered to tap into that bottomless well of our true self when we feel freedom and encouragement.

✌🏽 That, my fabulous friends, is what I am here for. 💪🏾

I am here to write about the vulnerabilities we feel as young babes trying to get by, while offering up my own gritty examples, so that we may all connect on common ground.  That's the starting point of truly good things: remembering we are ONE with one another.

My Background

I used to be an architect of fancy things (big city buildings/luxury spaces/custom furniture).

⚡️ Then there came a lightening bolt moment⚡️ when I realized I need to do what I actually care about:

  • deepen relationships with humans not AutoCAD
  • prioritize health not (unpaid) overtime
  • smile not stress

a STAND out Future

I am now a holistic healer and empowerment architect for the soul.

I want this site to be a magical star in the internet universe - a place where you can jet off to find:

  • inspiring reads
  • rad & natural skincare 
  • holistic health coaching (I AM CURRENTLY ACCEPTING NEW CLIENTS!  BE IN TOUCH!)


  • Astrology 💥  Sun Sign: Pisces, Rising Sign: Capricorn, Moon Sign: Virgo
  • Spirit Animal 💥  There are MANY: CheetahOtter & Hummingbird
  • Favorite Animal 💥  Cheetah
  • Soul Color 💥   Pastel Lavender (Pantone 14-3209)
  • Myers-Briggs 💥  ENFJ (like Oprah and Barack and Neil deGrasse Tyson, HEYYY)
  • Lucky Number 💥  23
  • Food & Bev 💥  East coast oysters & mezcal (and my current favorite potion: "Mother Juice"...scroll down to #4)
  • Coffee or Tea 💥  HERBAL tea (currently this or this)...bc caffeine makes me bonkers
  • Exercise 💥  Running, yoga, super long walks (with podcasts or 👇🏾)
  • Music 💥  80's hair bands, 90's alternative, Fleetwood Mac, Sting
  • Movies 💥  Sabrina, Father-of-the-Bride, What About Bob?
  • Books 💥    Blueberries for SalZen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, health/nutrition/holistic bedside table is constantly stacked
  • Beaches 💥  Nosara CR, East Hampton, Santa Barbara (Mesa Lane Steps)
  • Mountains 💥  Anywhere with my dad and brothers
  • Uniform 💥  Denim cut-offs & a band tee OR this disco lamé dress

Peace Love Freedom& Hugs