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Holistic Health, Home & Beauty Advisor



I believe that unshakable confidence and essential joy reside intrinsically within us.  We are empowered to radiate those truths when we stand strong in our freedom of personal expression.

We just need to find the people, places, and things that fire up that standout feeling.

The mission of A STAND OUT is to empower every human to honor their unique beauty and boldly express their individual style.


Born and formed in DC. Time passed playfully high up in trees or imagining richly-layered worlds…patchworks of colors, sounds, scents, and energy constantly swirling in mind.

Evolved into an architect.

Practice, growth, and fun in Manhattan. Burnout also in Manhattan.

Followed intuition to respite in the woods.

New England proved at first deafeningly quiet. But I needed the quiet to hear myself. Then, it became magical. And maybe I became more magical, too.

The call came; I answered, and I created this site:


This is a universe devoted to celebrating every woman’s particular brilliance: from skin-deep to soul-deep.  Welcome. Here you’ll find:

INSPIRATION - Recommendations of the world’s finest things, imho.

SKINCARE - Luxurious, botanical & deeply regenerative.

ONE ON ONE - Consultations that guide clients to more optimally and optimistically experience their body and space. For new client inquiry, please email

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Astrology • Pisces Sun, Capricorn Rising, Virgo Moon

Animal Instinct • Cheetah

Soul Color • Pantone 941 U & Pantone 2975 U

Myers-Briggs • ENFJ

Lucky Number • 23

Deserted Island Meal • East coast oysters & mezcal

Exercise • Running, Yoga, Rock Climbing, Dog Hikes

Music • St. Lucia, Maggie Rogers, Sting

Books • My bedside table is constantly stacked with an amusing mix of holistic health references, vintage spy novels, foreign decor magazines (especially the Australians…they’re just better).

Beaches • Coastal Maine, Mermaid's Chair St. Thomas, Magen's Bay St. Thomas, Santa Barbara (Mesa Lane Steps)

Cities • New York, Austin, Paris, Barcelona, Rome, Zurich

Uniform • Bodysuits & cutoff Levi's; fresh face & mucho mascara



Everything here is created for your highest selfcare and soulcare.  Products, recommendations, and the offering to work with me one-on-one are all in service of helping you create your healthiest, happiest, most standout existence.

Peace, Love, Hugs & High Fives