5 Stand Out Senses (5 SOS_002)

 1. Sight

"Blindness Light" is the [quite literally] bold and beautiful mixed-media series by Spanish artist Javier Martín (collage of paper, neon light, oil and acrylic on board).  Using strokes and waves of bright neon -typically the stuff of gritty city streets-  he strategically obscures the eyes of advertised exemplary female visages, to “set a point about how society judges without looking further.”



 2. Sound

Jessica Murnane of One Part Plant is my longest-standing podcast woman crush.  I've been a devoted listener to her weekly show since the start.  I'm not sure how exactly I found her...probably going down some epic clicking-of-suggested-shows-rabbit-hole on Stitcher, but I'm seriously so damn thankful.  Her interviews -especially in this second season- have enlightened me to people and issues I wasn't aware of, or aware of enough.  Her voice is raw, vulnerable, and humble (and literally, her voice is great audio).  She rocks the badass ladyboss vibes that leave me feeling jazzed and desirous to kick butt in my own creative ways.

Tidbit:  She started OPP with the mission to heal her physical symptoms, caused by a diagnosis of Endometriosis (if you're unfamiliar, please watch the trailer for the phenom documentary Endo What?, and/or listen to Murnane's interview with the film's director, Shannon Cohn).

Her eyebrows win and she is great at hats.

Her eyebrows win and she is great at hats.


 3. Scent

It's not summer anymore, and I don't live in the Seychelles, therefore I've found one surefire way to stay sane in New England winters: transport myself to warmer climes with Black Coconut by Kuumba Made (also readily found at Whole Foods for $9...whaaaa?!).  With judicious daily applications (since the fragrance has solid staying power) the roller will last for at least 3 months.

Might not be for everyone, but I thoroughly enjoy feeling and smelling as though I'm off to/freshly back from a trip to the beach no matter the season.

Photo:  Me

Photo: Me


 4. Taste

Speaking of chillier days: the time has come for SOUP!  Hmm, that sounded a little too excited.  But yes, soup is my current jam, especially involving CAULIFLOWER!  Yep, still super (souper?) excited over not really exciting things.

Cauliflower Soup with Lemon Zest is truly all I want to make and consume right now.

*Note: In lieu of the olive oil in the first step, I prefer softening the onions for 10 minutes in either (1 c) organic vegetable broth or (1 c) water + (1/4 c, loosely packed torn leaves) kelp.

Photo by  Jon Von Pamer  & Recipe by  Dana James

Photo by Jon Von Pamer & Recipe by Dana James


 5. Touch

True to form, I'm going to mention the latest episode of OPP (see #2. Sound), which shouts out snail ooze face cream by Korean beauty brand, Mizon.  


So, while half of me is like... 

...the other half is like, "What the hell? Why not!"


I just placed my order and will report back!


I tried the snail cream for two weeks and saw no improvement in my facial skin's tone or texture.  It actually coincided with a few rare pimple sightings around my lower cheek/chin.  Whether it was the cause or simply correlation, I don't know.  I didn't feel compelled to stick with it long enough to find out.  Sayonara snail ooze!

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