" GROUND " by MYSTIC MAMMA (collage feat. "Flint Smoker's Daughter" by Edward S. Curtis)

"GROUND" by MYSTIC MAMMA (collage feat. "Flint Smoker's Daughter" by Edward S. Curtis)


According to the New York Times, at 6:22 this morning, the full moon reached its perigee - the closest point to Earth along its orbit - and it's the most peri of gee's (the super-est of moons) that we've seen in 69 years.

Don't worry, I didn't see it, either.  But the moon isn't shy, so it'll come back around the corner to play in just a few minutes, and apparently "7 percent bigger and 15 percent brighter than usual!"  Awesome, this means that I'll be wearing my sleep mask again tonight because I keep my windows sans curtains.


I digress, because my real reason for posting is MYSTIC MAMMA.  MM (aka, Mijanou Montealegre) has created a site wherein she shares wisdom and guidance on subjects such as "Astral Insights" and "Mammahood."  I am not yet a mamma, nor plan to be any time super soon, so I turn to MM for the former.  Whenever my mind or body is feeling out of the ordinary or there's a celestial milestone in the midst, I check in with her to learn about what may be going on up in our sky.

Along with her site, I would highly recommend her Instagram feed.  In lieu of traditional photography, she creates collages.  Completely striking collages that illustrate the current astrological climate and forecast.  Her captions a written with care, nurture and deep intuition.

"GROUND" (shown above, and available for purchase*) is her latest work of art, conveying the enormous majesty of our nightly satellite.  Her accompanying prose hits on the enormous charge we currently feel in our world.

"Let us now on this exceptional FULL MOON SuperMoon in Taurus, ground into our knowing and remember the feeling of belonging that Mother Earth offers us. 

Spend time in places where the land is untouched and wild and you can align your heartbeat with that of Mother Earth. Allow her energy to soothe our souls, ground us and remind us of what is eternal and true.

We all belong. There is work ahead, but we are in this together."

Amen, Mamma.


*"100% of profits after cost will go to Protectors of Mother Earth and our sacred waters at Standing Rock."

*"With every purchase a tree will be planted."

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