Do you ever feel disjointed?  Like your head belongs to a different version of yourself than your heart?

I'm raising my hand high, yelling, "UH, SHYEAHHH!  That's me right here!"  It's like there's a ping-pong match of values going on inside me.

Over the past year I've taken a deep-dive into self-work and self-worth (not stemming from a lack of self-confidence, but rather the desire to internally investigate my truths).  As Oprah -the #soulbabe to end all soul babes- would say, "What I know for sure."

I've begun a running list of the things in life that matter so freaking much to me that they literally construct the "house" in which I live.  These values and qualities form my walls, foundation, windows, and doors.

"Alignment" is one of those neo-new-age buzz words that gets sprinkled around with greater fervor than cacao nibs in an organic smoothie bowl after hot yoga class.  We strive to be centered, grounded, in-tune, manifesting, and socially connecting WHILE digitally detoxing.

Phew!  There are so many aspirations to run fiercely toward, but the one calling out the loudest to me right now is ALIGNMENT.  The alignment of my heart and my head...namely my heart and the words that exit my darn mouth.

I've grown aware that the two are often moving in different directions or operating on separate planes entirely.  Instead of parallel railroad tracks merging to a unified point at the horizon, I feel my heart is like a clear coastal highway but my mouth will blurt out vacuous thoughts like ugly chain-link overpasses...Though they quickly disappear into the rear-view, they leave a lasting interruption on the beautiful scene.

Maybe that was dense.  What I mean is that despite maturing into a woman who knows her values intrinsically and truly smiles at the soul staring back at her in the mirror, I need to wait a beat before I speak sometimes.

Isn't it funny that the version of ourselves we present to the world can fall out of alignment with the version we know so deeply to be true?

We meditate.  We journal.  We practice yoga.  We practice self-care.  We hold doors open and smile at strangers.  We go on long walks to think about life.  We listen to nature.  We take personality quizzes, damnit...

But we still manage to slip up and say insensitive things to the people we love most.

I suppose my point is that we are humans after all, and we are not perfect.  If our ultimate destination is where our outer actions and inner values align, we should play the long game.  Less dwelling on the shadow moments (the "ugly chain-link overpasses") and more focus on our heart's truths (the open road ahead).

⚡️ The Takeaway ⚡️

"The world has such tremendous beauty and possibility.  It's so exciting right now, and yet everyone is focused on the negative.  Instead, focus on the other and the positive and creating magic!  Lean into each moment and each encounter creating magic...Like when you're about to argue with the cab driver or with your spouse or with your best friend,

ask yourself if what you're about to say will create delight in the other person, or magic.  And if not, don't say it."

(Quote by Adam Robinson, in conversation with Tim Ferriss on his podcast, The Tim Ferriss Show.  See: Episode #219 @ 1h50m14s)

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