How to be a daughter AND an adult (DAY 05/10)



Today we piggy-back on yesterday's suggestion to "SHARE STUFF."  Here's a short story:

For five years -through three cell phone upgrades- I have saved the last voicemail my grandmother left for me.

She opened with, "Hey Sweetie!  Hey angel!" just as always.  She said to call back if I had the time, but to not worry about it.  She wondered if I was watching the Redskins game, since our standing call times were Sunday afternoons.  Then she gave me reassurance that all they needed to do was get their Quarterback on track and their season would turn around (sorry Grammy, that hasn't panned-out too well).

They just want two minutes to say hi, hear what we're up to, and remind us that they love us...and when they're gone all we want is another opportunity to answer the damn phone.


But, if you're in the middle of a disco soul train WITH MADONNA, well, that's a pretty good excuse.


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