How to be a daughter AND an adult (DAY 08/10)



We want to be around for our loved ones and we want them to be around for us, amiright?

Therefore, we must seek health and radiate it (aka live so freakin awesomely that others want to learn from/soak up our mojo).  But the obvious and the simple are not always the easy.

Nearly every woman I know has devoted the majority of her time, energy, and motivation to the caring of another.  She is the giver and rarely the recipient of her own love.  She has often neglected her own physical and emotional satisfaction to the point of barely recognizing her reflection.

🌊 The tide has to change 🌊

Our power as women is intangibly expansive and deeply meaningful, but can only be felt by those we love -much less ourselves- when we fuel and fire our machine with conscientious care.

In these modern times, our bodies have served as battlefields.  Thrown at them have been nasties like second-hand (or first-hand) smoke, GMOs, Roundup, Mountain Dew, Dominos, Wine Wednesdays, and really f*ing scary skincare additives...

⚡️ Now for the silver lining⚡️

If you're reading this, BRAVO, BABE!  You're a grown-ass lady and you've made it through the gauntlet.  Albeit, the nasties mentioned above are still out there, raging hard, and shacking up to make even nastier babies, but remember that we are powerful beyond measure - especially when our bags are chock full of knowledge and gumption.

Thousands upon thousands of accessible resources (like published studies via PubMed, health-related podcasts, and game-changing sites) now empower us with solid information.  Information we can implement to FEEL REALLY GOOD.

It is my greatest hope that each of us gets to enjoy the majestic beauty of life on this planet for decades (lots and lots of decades) to come.  Please take a little (but actually, ideally, a LOTTA) time each day to treat yo' self to your own love.  Make the decisions that not only feel good in the moment, but also build towards a you that feels good so many decades down the road.

Seek health because you matter.  

Seek health because the world needs more superwomen


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