How to be a daughter AND an adult (DAY 09/10)

Martha Graham "Celebration" by  Barbara Morgan  / Edit by me

Martha Graham "Celebration" by Barbara Morgan / Edit by me



A superwoman -in my glossary- is any woman who comes into our life at the right moment, with benevolent purpose, to help our soul's journey in an important way.

I was born to a superwoman, and a superwoman I am becoming.

I grew up as an extremely independent, determined, and curious girl; but ferociously proud in those qualities, too.  I found joy in figuring out problems on my own and never needing a helping hand.  'I am smart and agile and quick and courageous...and for what needs to be done, I can depend on myself to do it and do it well.'

Then the epiphany came: 'Yes, I can do many things, and CONGRATU-F*ING-LATIONS for that, babygirl.  But you are tired, you are lonely, and life would be more colorful, more dynamic, more expansive if you let others in.  Surrender to the foreign notion of another person being your rock.'

Sometimes it feels like walking against the tide, but more often than not, I now search for women through whose wisdom I can grow.

It's funny - I think if we're doing this whole "life thing" right, then the older we get the less we crave being the expert and more we crave being the beginner.

Nearly everyday I think of new skills I'd like to learn, new (er, mostly old) books I'd like to read, sports to try, mountains to climb, countries/cultures to embrace... There is a lot to do during this lifetime and a way of making that to-do list as awesome as possible is to ask for advice and support from your superwomen.

Superwomen hold space for you to share you wild dreams, then they offer guidance, tips, been-there-done-that's, high-fives, and phenomenal hugs.

Just this morning, I met one of my superwomen for a trail walk.  She came with a book wrapped in a silky, snow-white ribbon: Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur, presenting it from her hands to mine with the sentiment, "These poems made me think of you."

my heart aches for sisters more than anything

it aches for women helping women

like flowers in the spring

- Rupi Kaur

I want us to live in a world where superwomen help superwomen.  Where we are the roses in this planetary garden...our beauty only magnifying in the presence of other blossoms...our sweetness wafting far beyond our reach..our majesty surpassing the pricks from life's thorns.


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