I wrote an article for The Numinous! #GOALS

Collage created by me for The Numinous

Collage created by me for The Numinous


GO FIRST!  7 Ways To Leap Into Fearless Vulnerability

I wrote an article for The Numinous!  If you're unfamiliar, it is a phenomenal site devoted to "Fashion, Culture, and Modern Cosmic Thinking."  And that's the title 👆🏽 : Go First! 7 Ways To Leap Into Fearless Vulnerability.

One of my major #goals for this year was to have my writing featured in a publication I admire greatly and read voraciously.  

🙋🏼✏️ 🗞 💘

It took some damn hard work and a few twists of fate, to be sure, but I followed a few simple (not necessarily easy) steps to get that sh*t accomplished:

  1. I believed in my talent.
  2. I took my own advice to "leap into fearless vulnerability" by reaching out to people who one would (incorrectly) assume don't have the time to read/respond to a note from "little ol' me."
  3. I practiced persistence (i.e. when I couldn't waltz right in the front door, I pushed up the side window).
  4. I remained humble to critiques and edits.  (Write...then rewrite...then rewrite...then repeat that 5X.)
  5. I was a force of fierce goodness.  (Remember that you can get really freakin' far by leading with your heart, asking smart/A LOT of questions, respecting people's time, and smiling.)

I hope you're able to carve out 3 minutes to read the piece.  It's pretty darn good, imho.  My wish is that it brings you a new perspective and fun ideas on how to

"offer kindness (courageously) by harnessing the power of vulnerability (fearlessly)."

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