While putting this post together, I’ve been sitting in an adirondack chair listening to The Beach Boys for four hours straight.

This time of year begs for their sun-drenched anthems, and I’ve heeded the call since high school.  In my Senior year, just as the spring rowing season was wrapping up, I made a mix CD of their greatest hits.  

Come June, leading into our final championship race (Canadian Nationals, where we were one of the few American teams to qualify for competition against our friendly neighbors to the north), our bodies were in such epic shape that the coaches eased back to *only* morning practice.  

Crew had become such pillar for me, though.  It was my rock of stability, outlet for exertion, portal of purpose, and fountain of friendship.  So, when class let out in the afternoon my car practically drove itself to the boathouse.  I flocked there on autopilot as I'd done for 6 of 7 days per week since the bitter cold of February.  If there wasn't an official water workout, I just wanted to run by the river.

Gazing over the soft ripples of the Potomac, I tightened my laces, plugged in my headphones, and pressed PLAY on my discman (DISCMAN). 

〰️ Good Vibrations 〰️

The melody, beat and lyrics flowed into my head, prompting and a mellow but effervescent optimism for the days/weeks/months to come.


Their music, like this time of year, flutters with electricity.  It Illustrates freedom and possibilities. It finds us sprinting in anticipation towards the seductions of summer.

And with that, scroll on down for recommendations on how to amplify the luscious vibe of June.

Let's rock n roll into the best season, babes!







These classic Huarache sandals.

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Shameless plug, but I still get excited to wash my face at night.

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Sweet Baby Jesus.  If you haven't yet listened to Jeff Goldblum on the Bon Appetit Foodcast -sorry to break it, but- you are doing internet life wrong.




This month, I'm concentrating on removing thoughts of otherness.

I want to erase, moment by moment, the mindset that I am separate from you.

I'd like to loosen my grip on Identity (capital *I*)... I am not a Liberal; I happen to vote with "liberal" leanings.  I am not a Blonde Girl; I happened to use Sun-In while lifeguarding as a teenager and just never stopped playing in the sunshine.  I'm over being a Vegan, but I'll never not dig plants.

Because I recognize a quality in another means that that exact quality resides in me, too.  If I despise, ridicule, or judge another human for how they live or look, I must turn the same judgement on myself.

So, my mantra for June, and all months moving forward, will be to turn away from otherness in favor of