The boundary line

Photo: Unknown | Edit: Me

Photo: Unknown | Edit: Me

For some reason I'm compelled to venture into this subject of Tribe by talking about the boundary lines we draw in the sands of our relationships.  I'm not going to attempt blind stabs at why we hold certain people at arm's distance, why we flock to others a little too quick and little too close at times of conspicuous convenience, and still others we keep around like a parasite - they take take take as our well runs dry dry dry.  And on and on.

No, that biz is best left to the psychologists, scholars, and stand-up comedians who have analyzed the glories and eccentricities of every type of relationship.  Surely with an eloquence or hilarity far beyond what I could blurt out here on the spot.

I'm simply bringing "boundaries" up as a reminder to myself.  Babygirl, remember to:

  • Keep your heart open to receive the lessons and perspectives offered by another.
  • Construct wise walls when necessary, namely in the face of people or situations that seem a bit too grand/polished/fancy/fast.
  • Peel back the inner most layers of your onion (the deep, strong, super teary ones) when you trust in your gut that the person is true and the time is right.
  • Put yourself -with all your likes, dislikes, proclivities, oddities, awkwardnesses, and wacky sayings- other there!  Because being paralyzed by the fear of rejection or being misunderstood is just too damn taxing, too damn safe, and frankly boring.

Know your boundaries.  Know your self.  Be honest and malleable with both.  Sometimes you'll slowly crawl, steadily pace, fiercely march, gleefully run, or manically sprint along/over/under your ever-morphing boundary line, but keep the faith that the right people of the right pace at the right time will flow with you.

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