What Men Crave & What Women Want

Yesterday I listened to the latest episode of The Life Stylist Podcast, where host Luke Storey (a fashion stylist and holistic wellness devotee based in L.A.) interviewed John Wineland (speaker and facilitator of masculine/feminine spiritual and sexual intimacy...also based in L.A.), about:

What Men Crave & What Women Want

Of course, seeing that headline in my feed was captivating and sparked an immediate listen.  

Their conversation illuminated the differences between the masculine and the feminine (our intrinsically male and female energies, everyone harbors both), and outlined our current conundrum of trying to navigate those raw desires within the tides of modern societal expectations.

Their conversation mainly focuses on the masculine and strategies whereby men can stay true to their raw nature, honor the feminine, and find deeply satisfying romantic relationships.  It's a long-form listen tapping in at 82 minutes, but it's filled with so many gems (which I've come to expect on from Mr. Storey's conversations) that I was left instantly wanting Part II (which would hopefully centralize on the female perspective).

Ultimately, I found Wineland's strategies for deeper, more conscious connection applicable to all variety of relationships.  Here are two brilliant practices to incorporate:

  • Vocal Control - Slowing down the cadence and lowering the tone of your voice to roundly nourish the nervous system of your counterpart.
  • Being The Witness (1h 07m 50s)

"Women want men who don't need them but desire them deeply."  -John Wineland

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