Our hearts

Background print by  Eloise Renouf  | "Blooming Heart" by  Meagan Segal  | Edit by me

Background print by Eloise Renouf | "Blooming Heart" by Meagan Segal | Edit by me

FEELING from the inside out.

Some days you sense yourself -all your inner workings- more than others.  Well, today is Inauguration Day, and I am so aware of my insides.  Where within me my stresses/questions/uncertainties reside.

When times become strange it is my HEART that aches from stretching to find solace - straining to grasp for the good...or at least for understanding.  So, I return to what I know deep in that heart:

Underneath our clothes, our cloaks of fear, our armor of biases, and the melanin in our skin, we are all just humans looking to belong.  We all have hearts that beat rhythmically, lungs that humbly call in oxygen offered by our planet, a few organs that filter out gunk and still a few others that produce hormones enabling us to FEEL.  We've all got bones that, like our spirits, are strong but aren't immune to break.  And just below the surface of our various shades, we have the same color blood.  Blood that constantly renews and refuses stubborn stagnancy (oh, may our thoughts be so evolved...).  Our cells are so smart in their relentless mission to seek our wounds and HEAL US.

As I place my hand on my heart -as I find myself doing a lot nowadays- I hope with every deeply healing beat that the collective WE will see each other (and really SEE each other) for all of our gorgeous/miraculous/mysterious/intelligent human commonality.  

“Hope - Hope in the face of difficulty.  Hope in the face of uncertainty.  The audacity of hope!  In the end, that is God’s greatest gift to us...A belief in things not seen.  A belief that there are better days ahead."

-Barack Obama


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