Women on top of mountains

I think we should do hard things/weird things/uncomfortable things/new things/bold things more often.

There's a lot of ease and safety and routine in our days - endless opportunities to fit IN - but the nitty gritty standout stuff happens when we fit OUT.  

I had a lot of time to think about this while scaling trails in the White Mountains of New Hampshire this past weekend. I felt the empowerment born from being a simple being touching the earth - working with her boulders and roots to ascend.  Listening not to Spotify mixes to pass the time -to zone out- but connecting to myself and to her through her wafts of wind, her freshly refilled streams, and her swarming gnats...Hating those gnats but also loving them, because swatting them away meant at least I'm DOING and I'm LIVING.  My legs seemed to propel me faster and seek the soreness as the ground grew steeper because they're my precious vehicles in this life, and I want to make them work.  I wanna see what they can do and where they can take me, boldly. 

So I guess my challenge to you fantastic creatures is this:

Think about the literal or figurative mountain you're staring down right now - the really gnarly one.  *Picture it an inch in front of your forehead.*  Instead of waiting to tackle this thing on a perfectly sunny day with all the best equipment and right mindset, march forward now like the fierce/dirty/flawed warrior you are...braving, no, CRAVING the twists/turns/jagged/steep/unseen/slips.

We fall down and get bruised and bloody, but I think scars are cool. They are evidence of life lived by those climbing and searching and striving.

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