How to be a daughter AND an adult (DAY 03/10)

Rosie The Riveter by Norman Rockwell / Edit by me

Rosie The Riveter by Norman Rockwell / Edit by me



As much as your parents have earned their stripes, so have you.


Sure, they helped you get this far by putting a roof over your head, feeding you, hopefully teaching you how not to be a wreck-magnet on the road (please please please don't text, I beg you)...  But you've also spent the majority of your time out of their watchful eyes: exploring new environments, riding waves of adventure, conquering challenges, forming opinions, mending heartbreak, familiarizing the unknown.

And because of those epically unique experiences, you've reached now.  Your own smart, capable, strong-willed now.

Your stance is worthy of being voiced and worthy of being heard!

🎤 👄

I think a musical interlude is perfect for this moment, don't you?  Let's travel back to 1995 when Gwen Stefani slayed it with the push-ups and wore a bindi just because.  This video and these lyrics are glorious.


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