How to be a daughter AND an adult (DAY 04/10)




Life, alone, can be a vortex of rumination and, frankly, boredom.  We are creatures meant to share.


Sharing *in* experiences breeds intimacy and camaraderie.  Sharing *about* experiences to those far afield allows us to storytell, to illustrate, to convey, to empathize, and to entertain.

The details of our day might seem menial to us...because any routine dulls by virtue of repetition.  But here's the thing: our parents view those updates like our first footsteps - they are neccessary life blood because us simply being out in the world is fascinating.

Whether its face-to-face over coffee, sitting side-by-side in a car (or pedicure chair...just sayin'), through the telephone wires or "The Interwebs" (even more goofy Hungarian dad things can be found here and here), let's share the huge/big/little/minuscule things with the ones we love while the time is ripe.


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