Questions for Babes

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1.  Call to mind a person who stands/stood out in your life.  What is your relationship to that person?

(Grandpa?  Sixth-Grade English teacher?  Stylish stranger on the subway?)

2.  List words/phrases/descriptions that arise when you think of that person.

(The more random/quirky/particular, the better.)

3.  Of those listed in #2, which qualities do you cherish enough to emulate in you own life?

(You may bold them above, or write them again here.)

4.  In one or a few sentences, what is your Art?  How are you an Artist?  (And YES!  Everyone is an artist.  E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E.)

(I've defined Art as "The gifts we give to the world for its betterment.  All that is conjured by our mind, motivated by our heart, manufactured by our body, and contributed with honesty.")

5.  Recognizing our own contributions to someone else's life is important.  Please share the most recent time that you stood out in someone else's life.

(This could be simple like holding a door open, or massively vulnerable like telling a crush they have a hot smile.)

6.  List 1-3 things you do or situations you seek out to feel truly fantastic.

(To feel like you belong, like you are beautiful, like you are free, like you are in flow, like you, well, stand out.)


*How would you like to be referenced?  Of course, feel free to leave any or all sections blank, in which case I will simply write "Anonymous."

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Answers by Babes


Female_29_Victoria, BC Canada

1.  There are so many people that stand out in my life, this is hard to pick!  But if I had to pick one off the top of my head, I would pick my grandmother (dad's mom) who I call Beste [pronounced: "bestie"] (Norwegian for grandmother).  She lives about 9 hours away from me but I try to see her as often as I can.


  • Kind
  • Compassionate
  • Selfless
  • A bit of a worry wart
  • One of those people who can't say anything negative about anyone
  • Forward thinking and beyond her years (ie. although she is quite religious, she has always accepted the LGBT community and believes in equal rights for all people).
  • One of the most beautiful women I know

3.  All of them! Maybe not as much the worry wart part - but I think that is what makes her who she is.  She cares so much about everyone and is always thinking of others.

4.  I love to cook and experiment in the kitchen.  I also draw and practice calligraphy and I love to create programs and plans.

5.  I praised someone on the work that they did when they were feeling undervalued by their supervisor.  


  • I love to stay active, whether it's riding my bike to work, running along the beach or going on a nice stroll down the street.  
  • I make sure to tell the ones I love each day how important they are to me.
  • I share my food knowledge and creativity in the kitchen with friends, coworkers and the world.



1.  Husband <3

2.  Caring, loving, honest, calm, rational, introspective, deliberate, creative, meticulous, focused, patient, very hot ;)

3.  I try to be all of them!  But I think the big ones that stand out are calm and patient...those don't come naturally to me, haha.

4.  Oh, I create so much art!  This past year I have been teaching myself how to oil paint.  I've completed two portraits, a floral still-life, and have begun a painting of my living room at home.  Otherwise, I've been entering architecture fairy tale competitions, writing short stories, helping design furniture, and lots of other projects that are manifesting in my mind.

5.  I met a new friend in May or so of this past year, and I think I did for her what she did for me - we were both creatives that were a bit lost in a new city and searching for ourselves.  When we met randomly we instantly hit it off and began supporting each other's creative dreams and participating in joint studio sessions.  It helped to have someone that understood the struggle so well, was available to bounce ideas off of, and most of all, was pushing and supporting you to go after your dreams.  With her help my confidence was boosted and I got the job that I wanted.  She got a job a few days ago and thanked me for helping her do the same.

6.  I wouldn't say that I feel like I belong - yet - but the only thing that I can think of that truly makes me feel one with the world is when I take a walk outside and feel the wind on my face.  Nature is very lacking where I live, so it is a luxury that I constantly miss.  When I do get it though, it makes me feel completely beautiful and at peace.


New York City

1.  My mother.

2.  Fun.  Honest.  Critical.  Caring.  Generous.  Petite.  Concerned.  Smart.  Ambitious.  Adaptable.  Creative.  Technically impeccable at her craft.  Thoughtful.

3.  See all above...maybe except petite.

4.  Telling stories with drawings and objects.

5.  Bought "Naked Juice" for girlfriend on my way back from work as a small surprise...but forgot she didn't drink those anymore...she still liked the thought.  :)

6.  Drawing something; designing something; making something, (while) listening to loud music.  Going to the movies.  And laughing.


Female_30_South Carolina

1.  Lena, my childhood nanny.

2.  Resilient, positive, vibrant, optimistic, sassy, story-teller, warm, fun-loving, faith-filled.

3.  All of them - she's a light in this world, and the package of her amazing qualities makes her a magnet for others.

4.  I'm extremely aware of and affected by my environment, and because of this, have, for as long as I can remember, been addicted to thoughtfully curating my surroundings.

5.  I called up Lena, mentioned in #1, to set up a lunch date for this week.  She is very social, but no longer super mobile, so facilitating time together brightens her week, and I leave my time with her rejuvenated by her amazing spirit.

6.  1) engage others by taking interest in their lives, 2) read in the bathtub every night, 3) wake up an hour before my husband and baby to get a little organized before the day gets hectic.



1.  My Mom.

2.  Fearless; generous to a fault; didn't know a stranger even when the stranger didn't want to be known; story-teller with few equals; keen observer of human nature; loved her grandbabies; smart and observant!

3.  (See above)

4.  My home is my art - a creation of refuge for my family where they are always welcome, always comfortable; always warm and never hungry.

5.  Hmmm that will take some extra thought...

6.  Always wear lipstick; experience the magical power of having a facial; I'm beautiful when I smile; dancing with abandon connects my happiest past me to my present happiest me; "Tea for the Tillerman" - give or share this experience with someone you love!; and the best for last - tell your children that they matter to you more than they can ever know!