Questions for Babes

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1.  Call to mind a person who stands/stood out in your life.  What is your relationship to that person?

(They could be your grandpa, Sixth-Grade English teacher, a sassy stranger you passed on the sidewalk...)

2.  In a stream-of-consciousness form, please list words/phrases/descriptions that arise when you think of that person.

(These may be totally random/quirky/seemingly insignificant, as long as they matter to you.)

3.  Of those listed in #2, which qualities do you cherish enough to emulate regularly in you own life?

(You may bold them above, or write them again below.)

4.  In one or a few sentences, what is your Art?  How are you an Artist?  (And YES!  Everyone is an artist.  E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E.)

(I've defined Art as "The gifts we give to the world for its betterment.  All that is conjured by our mind, motivated by our heart, manufactured by our body, and contributed with honesty.")

5.  Recognizing our own contributions to someone else's life is important.  Please share the most recent time that you stood out in someone else's life.

(This could be as simple as holding the door open for a fellow shopper, or a magnanimous feat of social justice.)

6.  List three (or maybe 23!) things you do or situations you seek out to feel truly fantastic - to feel like you belong, like you are beautiful, like you are free, like you are in flow, like you, well, stand out.


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