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My project is 

a STAND out

In hopes of cultivating the brightest life for myself, and sharing that light with others, I’m opening the door of inspiration to five pillars that I feel ground my human experience.  

Five areas that, for me, are calling for greater attention.  Deeper exploration.  Sweet and gritty quality time.


Our core consciousness.  It is far more powerful than our tangible self (us from the skin in).  Our soul is the intangible part of our being realizing its boundless strength.  And its power, its strength, its radical energy lives in synchronicity with the birds, bees, flowers, trees, and the whole damn universe.


The curated community of human and non-human animals we choose to surround us, support us, challenge us, and ultimately amplify our own life's meaning.


The gifts we give to the world for its betterment.  Art is all that is conjured by our mind, motivated by our heart, manufactured by our body, and contributed with honesty.


The gifts we take from the world for our betterment.  Nourishment is all of the "good things" -to borrow Martha Stewart's barometer- created by man, the soil, and the sea.

The exchange of words between people, so that we may entertain stories, hold beliefs, challenge differences, learn lessons, and glean wisdom.

The journal is where S/T/A/N/ are examined, celebrated, and mused upon in a stream-of-consciousness-ish format.  I typically start with a beautiful or challenging image that strikes a chord and gets the gears cranking towards a hopefully meaningful thought.  

The fifth pillar /D is where I invite other babes into the sharing party, because every single one of us has weird, cool, humiliating, heartbreaking, and victorious stories that connect us to common ground.

I want to chip away at the things that spark feelings and seem to really matter.